Monday, February 2, 2009

A Place to Start

I love doors. This is a picture I took of one across the street from the entrance of Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain. My fascination with doors has been around since I was a child. I love to imagine walking through them on a daily basis, or try to figure out who is on the other side, what life is like behind them. Doors also represent an entrance to an unknown and once you've walked through it, you cannot change what you've seen or done. You can open a door, close a door or leave it ajar.  I wonder how many hands have turned the knobs ? Is it a neat and tidy door or is it  in disrepair ? 

It's February 2nd, and just like my procrastinating self, I am thinking of the new year. Closing the door on the old one and opening the door on a new one. This year, I going to open this orange door in the purple building and walk right through. We'll see what's inside.