Saturday, February 19, 2011

A tree to remember....

While going through the photos in my iphoto today, I noticed that I sort of track the seasons through my kitchen window. I spend way too much time in there but I can see the world pass back and forth in front of this window. I watch my kids leave and come home from this window. Sometimes they leave when the leaves are green and return when the leaves are red. I watch as the "Honey Birds" (my daughters word for hummingbirds when she was small) visit this tree twice a year and purely enjoy the duration of each stay. I just never noticed that I documented some days of my life this way as I stand in the kitchen window. The maple tree is my partner and sees it all with me and has surely seen much more than I. What it doesn't know is that as much else as I am looking at, I am also marveling in it's constant beauty and presence whatever the season.