Thursday, May 7, 2009

There are no cars in Venice, Italy. The streets ( if that's what you call the pedestrian walkways) are not wide at all. Store windows are sort of "in your face" and they use all kinds of displays to get you to wander in and shop. The food stores are enticing enough with the aromas that waft through the doorways but you can see what they are selling as you pass by, and most of the time you cannot just pass by. They will make a sandwich for you on the crustiest of breads with the best cheeses you've ever tasted. I'd rather eat from one of these stores than at a fancy restaurant, especially for lunch.


Magoo said...

I love it!!! it's perfect :) Thanks for sharing with me, I was shy too at first, but with Barb and my mom encouraging me I shared my blog with everyone, i like what I do and like to share it now :)

Camille said...

Thanks Magoo. I think you're right. I need encouraging.


OH I would have loved one of those for lunch today!