Friday, June 19, 2009

Ancestor ATCs

I'm in another ATC swap in the RedLead Yahoo group. It's an Ancestor swap and you have to use their images on the cards. It's been really fun to use these and to make each card different. Most of the time in swaps so far, I have made them all alike so each swapee gets the same card. So, anyway, this gives me a little more artistic leeway which has really been fun to do. I love the vintage feel of the images, and although they aren't my ancestors, I have given them personalities of my real ones. I hope you like them.


Magoo said...

these are so cool! I love all the layering and the vintage feel is just so spot on!! These turned out so great! :)


Camille, these are just amazing. Very unique. I just love Vintage things so I really enjoyed viewing these. Gives me a peaceful feeling.