Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Sweet Trouble. You will be sorely missed. I will miss how you followed us around, constantly. I will miss how obedient you were. I will miss how you took your paw and raised it up like you wanted to shake hands, but all you wanted was a belly rub. I will miss how happy you always were. I will miss the smell and feel of your coat . I will miss your good hugs. I will miss the torn tennis balls in the house to clean up. I will miss how you guarded us and kept us safe. I will miss your devotion to us and your trust in us. I will miss your company in the kitchen. I will even miss your stealing steaks off of the counter. Sweet Trouble. I will miss you with all of my heart.


Nikki the *scrappinNavyWife* said...

so sorry for your loss.


OH Camille, I just now saw this post. I am so very sorry for the loss of your wonderful dog!