Thursday, December 24, 2009

I was invited to be an Artist On call this month for Red Lead. It's a wonderful shop in St Louis, MO that has the neatest vintage items for altered art. I found them through an internet friend ( Thanks so much Sally !) and am so glad I did. Their collage sheets are awesome and so is everything else they have. One drawback is that I don't live close enough to take advantage of their awesome looking Workshops. I wish I could be at every single one. We visited there this summer and Hubby still has no idea how much money I spent there. A link to their site is . Please visit , you'll love it. I promise.

This is the card they posted. I forgot to photograph them before I sent them in so this is the only picture I have : (



Wow Camille, Congrats!
That is so neat. I will have to check out that store when I go home. Where in St. Louis is it? You are making me home sick!!!

Camille said...

It's in Webster Groves. Little Bitty cute little place. If you go, tell Chris and Sharon I sent you.