Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a dog !

I haven't gotten around to photographing my Barbie dolls yet, summer's arrival has taken me outdoors a lot. Planting flowers, sunning by the pool and grilling dinner, which sure keeps the kitchen clean, not to mention cooler. So, a bit ago I found this picture of Bert the Bassett that my daughter took of him. She has this dog wrapped around her finger and she can dress him up in anything. This is one good natured dog. Anyway, I couldn't help but play with the picture a little bit a and thought I'd share it. I am taking my sweet time learning Photoshop, that's my excuse anyway. It's just not easy for me.


Magoo said...

I think what you did to that photo is fabulous! Photoshop was so hard for me that I had to get a book:) the pic looks great ;)


That is so funny!! She must have a lot of fun doing that!!!!