Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Day is around the corner

Although I am all for sharing with the people you love just how much you love them, I don't like the idea of a day that forces you to say it. So much retail hype and mushy yuckiness. Never the less, I can't ignore it all together because my loved ones may feel hurt that I didn't at least remember. That said, I adore all the images of Valentines day. The red, the hearts, the Vintage Valentines. They do cheer my heart up just looking at them. So, to fit somewhere in between the thoughtful and the mushy I like making handmade gifts because it is more in keeping with the real idea that I loved you enough to spend my time making this for you. A little bit of handmade decoration doesn't hurt. Here are a couple of things I made. A heart garland looks so pretty hanging in the window, and a recycled heart shaped candy box containing a small heart hanging. Just hearts, just sweet. When I find the blog that was my inspiration I will share it with you but I cannot find it right now. Enjoy and have a Valentines Day that makes you happy! !


Magoo said...

your decorations are just lovely :) I echo your thoughts on v-day too :)

Marta said...

Your hearts garland is... super cute !
Wish you a great day ;O)